Si570 - 12F683 Psdr rs232 Connection

You do it at your own risk ! You may fry your pic (cheap) and/or your si570 (not cheap).

This program runs in a 12F683 pic plugged into the XTALL board.

The way of connecting the +-15V signal to the PIC on the XTALL board :

I use this design now. Pic Here

Here is the .HEX for the 12f683 and powersdr-sr40 svn 981
It does not have the dipswitch option, all switches must be open.
Here is the asm source

You need to set up Psdr in the following way:
Set the comp-port as primary keyer port in: Setup/DSP/Keyer/Connections/Primary
Set for Si570 VFO on LPT in : Setup/Generat/Hardware Config/Softrock VFO Options/Si570 VFO on LPT. lpt adress may be 0.

There is also a small program to set the frequency without psdr. You can get it Here

Good Luck !